Carcass Book

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I am in the process of writing a book called Carcass: On the Afterlives of Animal Bodies, to be published at MIT Press. (Acquisition notice here)

I’ve always loved animals, especially living ones, but living animals don’t always want to be studied. That’s why I started looking for dead ones while out on runs.

There, in the shade of deep ravines between the dry yellow hills of California, I found, collected, cleaned, photographed, studied, and appreciated hundreds of dead animals.

Unfortunately, carcasses get a bad rap. People think animal remains are “gross” and “dangerous,” and they want the carcasses destroyed. Turned to ash, pollution, and landfill. Yet, as you’ll learn in my book CARCASS: ON THE AFTERLIVES OF ANIMAL BODIES, we owe so much of our lives to the dead. Carcasses help fill our museums, soil, science labs, jewelry cabinets, wardrobes, stomachs, minds, and hearts.

After years of writing about animals, biology, and bones for National Geographic, Newsweek, PBS Newshour etc, and gaining over 189,000 followers on my bone-themed TikTok account, I’m ready to peel back the flesh of this fascinating, critically important, and weird world.